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by Violet - 2007

Picture yourself at home. In a corner of the room, on a coffee table, a shelf or a desk, a pretty little white Rabbit, knee-high to a grasshopper, has made his abode. He says nothing, just sits there unobtrusively, silently flashing funny little luminous animations on his tummy.

You glance at Nabaztag and, through the color of his lights, effortlessly discover that the NASDAQ is down but that tomorrow’s weather is sunny.

Suddenly, your Nabaztag comes alive and begins talking and moving his ears. He tells you that the important e-mail you were expecting has just arrived, he reads out breaking news from the Times website like you asked him to, or he breaks into “I Just Called to Say I Love You”, a musical declaration of love sent by a special someone. Or perhaps Nabaztag is just enjoying a few relaxing Tai Chi exercises.

That’s Nabaztag: a companion who is often discreet (but loud when he has to be), adaptable and versatile; in turn useful, funny and poetic, or all of these at once. A magical presence in your real world.

Nabaztag isn’t only a Rabbit. He’s also a new kind of technological object.

Nabaztag has just one wire, for electrical power. But his true umbilical cord is cordless: he connects to the Internet through a broadband connection and Wi-Fi Access Point. He can function even when your computer is off.

Adopt a Rabbit, set him up in your home. Log on to his website (, and guided by the easy wizard, give him a name and select all the things you want him to do for you.

Nabaztag lives his quiet life, while continually monitoring the internet to provide the services you have requested, accomplish the missions you have assigned, give you real-time info and transmit messages from your friends. He’s usually tame, but occasionally voices his own opinions and moods.

Best of all, because Nabaztag feeds on the internet and because the internet is boundless, there are no limits to what he can do or could do tomorrow.

Soon, every Thing will be connected to the internet. It might be a good idea to start with a Rabbit.


• blinks, moves ears, speaks, plays music
• reads out loud written texts in 16 languages
• obeys spoken commands through voice recognition
• detects and reacts to objects’ presence (RFID reader)
• feeds on the Internet...reacts to anything happening on the web
• gives short news with speech & color-coded lights (weather, stock market…)
• reads out loud real time news from any web site (RSS)
• plays podcasts and internet radio at user defined schedule
• reads, sings, and dances messages and e-mails sent by friends
• chat with other Rabbit owners through voice, music and ear movements
• ability to create your own content and applications (API)
• easy to program
• an ever expanding set of free content and services
• connects to a Wi-Fi network and works even when the computer is turned off
• and much, much more...


system requirements
• permanent broadband Internet connection
• Wi-Fi access point or router 802.11 b or g
• a computer with a Wi-Fi card is needed for the initial configuration of the Rabbit
• Mac PC/Windows PC/Linux compatible

guarantee and support
• full 1 year guarantee
• technical assistance provided by Violet through e-mail within 24 hours of the initial request

technical details
• height of the rabbit 23 cm (9 in)
• weight 1 kg (2 pounds)
• magnetic, interchangeable ears available in several colors
• power plugs for Europe, UK, and North America
• power adapter 110-220 Volts
• Wi-Fi : 802.11 b or g
• encryption modes: WEP or WPA
• 2 W speaker
• jack for connecting extra outside speakers
• volume dial
• microphone
• ear motors are input/output
• RFID tag reader ISO14443 Type-B (RFID Ztamps sold separately)

available services
There are new services and content being added constantly. This list is only an example and is not comprehensive. All of these services are free.

• read RSS feeds: in real time or when you want it, Nabaztag reads you the news as soon as it hits the web
• podcasts : Nabaztag plays your podcasts at the time you schedule
• internet radio: Nabaztag plays your internet radio stations at the time you schedule or when you ask him by voice command
• weather: Nabaztag can tell you the weather throughout the day with his lights or with spoken alerts
• stocks: Nabaztag can tell you the trends of the stock market permanently and in real time with his lights
• e-mail alert: Nabaztag warns you when you have received a specific message
• messages: Exchange message with your friends and other Rabbit owners
• Nabazmoods: Nabaztag will occasionally feel the need to express himself or to practice his Tai Chi
• alarm clock: wakes you up in the morning with your favorite song or radio
• talking clock: every hour, Nabaztag will tell you the time in a different way
• ear dialogues: move your Nabaztag’s ears to move the ears of your friend’s Nabaztag from afar

what's in the box
• 1 Nabaztag/tag
• 2 white interchangeable magnetic ears
• 1 power adapter with EU, UK and American plugs
• 1 quick start manual


nabaztag ears



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